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P2 Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Printing Industries Solution

Printing Industries Solution

Typical Challenges

  • Recurrent tripping and malfunction of printing machine (city line/high line)
  • Low power factor
  • Increased losses due to high harmonic distortion and low power factor
  • Interruption in operation of continuous printing machines


Root Cause Analysis

  • High level of harmonic distortion generated by AC/DC drives at city line machine identified as main reason of tripping related issues
  • Low power factor (true) due to high harmonic distortion and use of DC drives



  • P2 Power Active Harmonic Filter at major nonlinear loads especially city line/high line (p2p-415- af3)
  • P2 Power Hybrid Filter (p2p-415-hf3) - best suited when power factor is low



  • Total current harmonic distortion maintained within limits specified as per IEEE standard (iTDD <8%)
  • True power factor maintained close to unity
  • Significant savings through elimination of failures and power factor improvement
  • Optimum capacity utilization of transformer
  • Reduced harmonic and reactive losses
  • Elimination of interruption in printing process such as paper break, low printing quality etc

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